7 easy get disease by often drink sweet drink

During the hot summer day, the perspiration came down like raindrops, so supply eough water is necessary. But when you visit the beverage counter, almost 90% were filled with sweet drinks. Cola, soft drinks and other carbonated drinks, Orange Juice, Grape Juice and other kinds of fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, functional beverages are all belong to sweet drink species. As long as containing sugar, both sucrose or glucose, both comes from the original fruits or added sugar, drink sweet drinks will bring potential health harm.

7 easy get disease by often drink sweet drink

Harm one: promote kidney stones

Research shows that significant correlation between sweet drink consumption and the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract stones. The analysis pointed out that sweet drinks reduces calcium and potassium intake, increased the sucrose intake, and this may be an important factors to cause increased risk of kidney stones.

Harm two: promote obesity

Many research have certain evidence that sweet drinks can effectively promote fat, and less sweet drinks helps control body weight.

7 easy get disease by often drink sweet drink

Harm three: reduce the intake of nutrients

Many research reports show that the people who drink much sweet drink is usually reduced dietary fiber intake, starch staple food and protein also eat less. This will be very harmful to the children during the body developmental stages. In addition, people is deficiency of  the overall intake of vitamin and mineral who like drinking sweet drinks.

Harm four: promote diabetes

A investigation study of 91249 women followed for 8 years found that people who drank one can of sweet drinks every day will get doubles risk of diabetes than who drink one can every. Moreover, even if the sweet drinks don’t make you gain weight, under the situation of body mass index and daily energy intake in exactly the same circumstances, it still show to promote the diabetogenic effect.

7 easy get disease by often drink sweet drink

Harm five: promote osteoporosis and fracture

Research shows that there is a significant association between sweet drinks and reduced bone mineral density. If take more sweet drink, it would increase the risk of fracture.

Harm six: promote dental caries

Dental caries risk was positively related to sweet beverage intake. Increases the risk of tooth decay, is likely due to the loss of calcium by sweet drinks, and then make teeth more vulnerable.

Harm seven: promote gout

Sweet drinks can increase uric acid in the body, which will increase the risk of gout. And there are few studies suggest that sweet drink intake may also cause high blood pressure.

7 easy get disease by often drink sweet drink

You can also find there are many drinks which contain no sugar, and do this “no sugar” drinks are good for your health? The study found that these sugar free drinks will not promote diabetes, promote blood pressure. The sugar free Cola is the most common cases, although it does not contain sugar, almost no nutrients, but contain phosphate which will prevent nutrient absorption, and controversial sweetener and a lot of caramel pigment. The sugar free drinks still did not benefit the body obviously, just slightly a little harm.

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