7 early warning signal of losing sex desire

For the man who loss the sex desire will a very shame thing. The expert points out that the male once lost interest in sex, and it will be frightened a lot. But few people would go to deep to find the root cause, why will lose sexual desire. In fact, this process is not happening overnight, but it is a gradual process.

7 early warning signal of losing sex desire

There are many reasons leading to loss sex desire, and for men, generally include three points. First, it is worried about your sex ability performance, such as the duration is not long enough, erectile hard is not enough. Secondly, it is premature orgasm, including premature ejaculation. The last, three is a heavy work load and the living environment mutation lead too large mental stress. For women, more mental stress may be the problem, which makes its no interesting in sex behaviors. According to the statistics, only 26% of women are always enjoying in the sex experience orgasm. Some men always try to pressure their partner, so they do not feel sexual pleasure by themselves, and then lose their sex desire.

If you don’t think about sex in more than 3 months, it is necessary to attract your attention. In order to early detection and prevention of this problem, USA sex experts put forward the 7 warning signal for men and women: contact occurs only in the bedroom; no feeling from sex; always one active; no hope of sex life; sex life becomes mechanical, become the regular course of official duties; the lack of sexual fantasy; monthly sex life one to two times.

7 early warning signal of losing sex desire

How to make people regain the sex desire? The experts presented the following guiding methods:

1, sports to promote sexual desire. It can make people relax, and bring a sense of accomplishment and vitality, enhance people self-confidence.

2, requirement of sexual expectations not too high. Not every sex love must be perfect, in fact, only 40% – 50% of the sex life can make both sides satisfied. In addition, the sexual frequency is not only standard and you feeling good before and after sex is the most important thing.

7 early warning signal of losing sex desire

3, sexual fantasy. Marriage experts are all regarded sexual fantasy as a good thing as this can increase the sex pleasure experience.

4, to create the atmosphere.

5, pay attention to the process. Both men and women should spend time with touching, not straight to the target.

6, communication and discussion. Couples should communicate how to improve sexual desire, and you can flip through a sex guiding books to let each other know you want sex better.

7 early warning signal of losing sex desire

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