7 benefits of often drink fresh pear juice during winter and autumn

First, pear juice is a little sweet, with lung nourishing, relieving cough and phlegm effect. During the dry autumn days, the pear juice is especially suitable for children to drink.

Second, pear juice is rich in dietary fiber, which is the best cleaner of the stomach, and it can also enhance to discharge the existence of harmful substances in the body by promoting gastrointestinal peristalsis, so it can prevent constipation children fall even hemorrhage.

Third, pear juice contains more vitamins and carbohydrates, have a protective effect on the liver, which is good for the health of children.

7 benefits of often drink fresh pear juice during winter and autumn

Fourth, pear juice can promote appetite and help digestion, and has diuretic laxative and antipyretic effect, which can be used as nutrition supplement when over heat.

Fifth, during the dry season, people often feel the skin itching, dry mouth and nose, sometimes cough without sputum, so every day drinks one or two cups of pear juice can alleviate dry feeling.

Sixth, people who smoke drink pear juice, can reduce the harmful substances on the throat, respiratory tract stimulation in the smoke.

Seventh, pear juice contains more than 80% water, children drink pear juice can achieve the purpose of supplementing water.

You can make pear juice at home by yourself.

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