6 ways to relieve hypertension

One, enough sleep to ensure normal blood pressure

Good and enough sleep cannot have noise, the noise of a car or snoring sound will increase blood pressure. Long term indoor noise can increase the production of hormones that damage blood vessels, which can interfere with sleep, and will become more powerful. Return to normal sleep is the basic factor to ensure the normal blood pressure. So experts recommend wearing soft ear plugs at night to reduce the noise.

Two, with little information to reduce blood pressure

Once a month to see a weekly, every time you can see 10 minutes which can lower blood pressure. Hands can also reduce blood pressure, if the hands clap can form a regular pattern and habits, then you can control and maintain a reduction in blood pressure. Palms together from top to bottom softly, and flex your fingers and thumb, index finger cross rub several times, finally the palms together and then gently a few times.

6 ways to relieve hypertension

Three, let nature help you to reduce blood pressure

Whether it is to enjoy your own garden, or stroll in the park, as long as the integration of their own nature, you can make your blood pressure decreased by 11%. Research shows that this can immediately calm down the tension in the heart, including the adrenal gland also calm down. 20 minutes a day will work.

Four, with songs to reduce blood pressure

Praise the familiar with music. No matter what kind of music can encourage you. Turn on the music and let the sound surround music singing. According to the survey, every day at home singing their favorite songs up to 20 minutes, you can make your blood pressure decreased by 25%. Listening to music can make you relax and make your heart beat slowly. A long song can make your heart beat very calm, and you can lower your blood pressure.

Five, with the palm of your hand can make blood pressure decreased by 30%

Clap the person you like every day for 5 minutes, and your pet is also ok, so that your blood pressure can be reduced by 30%, and you can also reduce your worries. In this way, you can reduce your worries, all of which can ensure your blood pressure. The researchers say that introverted people, you can try to use yoga to reduce blood pressure, practice proved very successful.

Six, using the “seat method” to lower blood pressure

New research has found that sitting in a chair can reduce blood pressure by 16%, which is achieved by measuring the blood pressure of the spinal cord. To pick a sturdy chair, between your back and the back of the chair pad a thick towel, such way can make your back and have enough rest and relaxed enough.

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