6 spoons of sugar per day is already the max. Limitation

Sugar is a carbohydrate, which is one of the human body needs six major nutrition elements, but now the general problem is too much intake. Cavities, obesity are the obvious problem, no moderate intake of sugar will increase the pancreas burden, raise the risk of type 2 diabetes. In addition to health, sugar will destroy our skin and beauty. The sugar in blood will bind the skin protein, which will make the skin tissue loss of elasticity and become fragile, so that the skin wrinkles and sagging. Anyway, too much sugar destroy our health from inside and outside.

6 spoons of sugar per day is already the max. Limitation

The daily intake of sugar should not exceed 6 teaspoon

A teaspoon of sugar does not sound too much, but there are about 4 grams. The World Health Organization suggested that if adults want to let the body mass index (BMI) control in the normal range (18.5~25) and keep healthy, then daily sugar intake should not more than 6 teaspoons, accounting for the total daily calorie intake below 5%. Sounds very easy, but in fact, a lot of drinks and cakes contained a lot of sugar. For example, a soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, which has greatly exceeded the recommended intake. Even if according to the American Heart Association more lenient standards, the women’s daily sugar intake should not exceeding 6 teaspoons, men no more than 9 teaspoons to strictly control the sugar almost need to get rid of all the containing sugar drinks, cakes and sweets etc..

Chinese intake average 12 teaspoon of sugar per day

Maybe you will think that the Chinese people are not so addicted to the United States and Europe, but also did not drink tea with sugar, so it should be easy to control sugar. But China’s 2008 survey showed that every Chinese people almost every day to eat 50 grams of sugar, equivalent to 12 teaspoons, also higher than 6 teaspoons of standards. Braised meat, sweet and sour pork, fish flavored shredded pork dishes contain a lot of sugar, even a spoonful of tomato sauce have 4 grams of white sugar, and dried meat also contain a lot of sugar, plus an increasingly western eating habits, food more and more invisible sugar, sugar intake is more and more high, if not consciously control, very like to catch up the Americans (Americans mean daily intake for 22 teaspoons).

6 spoons of sugar per day is already the max. Limitation

Sugar intake control is against nature.

In the process of evolution, in order to get enough heat to survive, the sweet taste of food is the best choice for our ancestors, so we are born to be addicted to the sweet. Having a sweet taste or a sweet drink, our brain releases serotonin, producing good feelings. Most of our brain cells are affected by serotonin, so our mood, sexual function, sleep, memory, learning ability, and appetite are also affected by serotonin. Eat something sweet, it does make us happy all the way up. Also because of this, the drink that contains a lot of sugar will be so popular. But we have to see the hidden crisis. Sugary drinks have become the main source of our intake of added sugar, drink 1~2 cup of sugary drinks per day, the risk of type 2 diabetes will increase by 26%, which is simply a chronic suicide.

The syrup is as terrible as sugar.

Many beverage stores, such as milk tea shops, coffee shops or fruit juices with high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar to increase the sweetness, in fact, both are the same terrible and high calorie, low nutrition. Both the syrup and sugar are made of fructose and glucose, and the heat is equal, but the syrup is much cheaper than the sugar, so many businesses prefer to use it. So, beware of white sugar at the same time, do not omit the high fructose corn syrup, do not naive to think that the sugar syrup is a healthy substitute for sugar.

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