6 kinds of nutrients to build healthy teeth

Modern medical research has proved that the good nutrition and diet are closely related to your teeth health. Therefore, in order to make the healthy teeth, you need to pay attention on the supplement diet nutrient for teeth health in the daily.

6 kinds of nutrients to build healthy teeth

1 calcium

Calcium is the main composition of the teeth, so you should pay attention to intake of calcium rich foods in the diet, such as milk, cheese, soy products. Especially the calcium in the milk is conducive to the absorption of human body. In addition, in the cooking calcium foods, appropriate to put a little vinegar, dissolving helps calcium absorption.

2 phosphorus

Phosphorus is an essential nutrient to maintain strong teeth. Phosphorus is widely distributed in foods, including meat, fish, milk, beans, grains, and vegetables.

3 vitamin D

Vitamin D can help to promote the absorption and ossification of calcium and phosphorus.

6 kinds of nutrients to build healthy teeth

4 vitamin C

The content of vitamin C in the human body is an important condition for the prevention of periodontal disease. Fresh green vegetable and water fruit contains rich vitamin C, so you should ensure sufficient supply of vegetables and fruits in daily meals.

5 molybdenum

Often eat vegetables can increase the content of molybdenum in the teeth to enhance the rigidity and solidity. Eating the following vegetables, such as celery, cabbage, spinach, leeks, kelp, can promote chewing to promote the mandibular developed and neat teeth.

6 fluorine

Fluoride is an important element of dental health. Fluorine can form apatite with calcium and phosphorus compounds formation which is not easy to fluorine dissolution, thereby preventing the bacteria produce acid on dentin erosion. In addition, fluoride can inhibit the bacteria growth through the inhibition of enzymes in bacteria. Sea fish, tea, honey and mineral water are rich in fluorine.

6 kinds of nutrients to build healthy teeth

Dental health tips:

Improper use of fluoride toothpaste is easy to obtain dental fluorosis.

Fluoride toothpaste can effectively prevent caries, but also has side effects, and if used improperly, it easily lead to dental fluorosis. The boundary between the caries preventive effect of fluoride and toxicity is very small, excessive intake of fluoride can cause the tooth to produce some spots, and this is dental fluorosis. Serious can make your teeth turning to yellow, rough surface, easy defect.

6 kinds of nutrients to build healthy teeth

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