6 daily activities will hurt the female breast

Both man and woman are all needed physical maintenance, and for female the breast is very important part. Big up breast is a symbol of the life source, is also the symbol of beauty and love. Big up breast will be proud of you, and healthy breath is even more important. But in the daily life, there is many "mistakes" will hurt woman’s breast, so let’s read the following article to know the details.

6 daily activities will hurt the female breast

1, hormone

Helen found a lump inside breast, although it brings neither painful nor itching, feels smooth, but family and she was still very worried about this.

The estrogen active degree are closely related with breast fiber tumor, so this disease has high rate on 20-25 year old young women, and mostly is unilateral solitary, slow growth, often inadvertently found there was spherical masses in the breast.

The fibroma occurs in the breast is usually no obvious symptoms, and also related with the menstrual period. Although the breast fibroma is benign, may have chance to be malignant, so it is better to take operation treatment in time.

6 daily activities will hurt the female breast

2, Drinking and smoking

Freda is a porcelain designer who likes smoking in order to find some inspiration. During the physical examination, she was found "orange peel" in breast, and has enlarged lymph nodes in axillary.

There is no more harmful stuffs than nicotine and alcohol which can harm female body. According to some research, the women who have more than 10 years smoking history have 3 times breast cancer risk than other women. And daily drinking 1 cup or more than 1 cups women will get increased 45% breast cancer risk than few drinkers.

Generally the breast cancer is growing faster, hard texture, clear boundary, the skin surface will appear orange peel. During the early time, it will be light pain, and will intensify late. But the breast cancer is the most hopeful to cure. If can be found early, it can cure completely, so the monthly inspection by yourself and every one and a half years examination is very important.

6 daily activities will hurt the female breast

3, diet

Eva loves Food including five mature steak, hot chocolate, and ice cream. One day, she found a clear boundary masses in the breast when taking shower.

Lipoma mostly like appear with high calorie fat, which is one of the most common benign tumor of body surface, and it can happen in any parts of adipose tissue in the body, and the breast is most happening place, and most of the women is at the age of 30-50 years old.

6 daily activities will hurt the female breast

4, tight underwear

Besides little meal and exercise more, Grace also focused on the tight underwear. Under the help of the steel and elastic band, she get more slim body curve. But accompanied by breast distending pain during the menstruation period is more and more hard.

Too tight underwear is the torture for your breast, it will cause the breast bad blood circulation and compression pain.

Breast pain usually occurs in the week before menstruation, manifestations of breast pain, activity will increase, aggravating, and when menstruation will gradually disappear, until the next menstrual cycle and stage a comeback! If breast examination no mass, just relax, relax, most cases of 2-3 years this situation can disappear.

6 daily activities will hurt the female breast

5, mood

Carmen has a lot of pressure from work, and she has bad mood recently, plus character is introverted, so she always feel depression. Now even worse is her nipple sometimes like blood, though not very painful, but seems to have a small lump inside.

6 daily activities will hurt the female breast

6, action

Daisy is a crazy woman on sex and she likes a little rough, which makes her more passion. But one day, she suddenly felt one side of the breast is very painful. And she was horrified to discover that the side of the breast has a mass.

Breast is very fragile, please do not treat them harshly. When the breast get severe impact, the small vessels will rupture, and it will form hematoma, then mass is appearing after the absorption and destruction of the blood.

6 daily activities will hurt the female breast

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