6 cases don’t take a shower in summer

The weather is getting hot, every day we would like to take a shower, but do you really understand the most familiar shower? What should pay attention when take a shower in summer? And what is the best helpful temperature of your shower? So keep readying the following article, it will help you to know more about your daily shower and how to take a healthy shower.

Many people will take a shower after one day work back home during the hot summer weather. But in some cases, take a shower can cause some suddenness, especially such a hot summer.

So, the following six cases should attract your attention, which is not good healthy shower.

1, When all sweaty

In summer, many people like to take a cold shower. Indeed, the cold bath can accelerate blood circulation, and good for the skin, blood vessels. But when you are all sweaty to take cold shower, it is bad for your health. Because people in sweating, subcutaneous vascular dilation, enlarge pores, accelerated blood circulation, if suddenly use cold water to take shower, subcutaneous vascular will immediately shrink, the sweat pores was closed as well, the secretion of sweat glands also stopped immediately, the body heat dissipation channel is blocked. Once the body heat cannot continue to send out, people will feel the skin fever, colds and other diseases.

6 cases don't take a shower in summer

2, After drink

Alcohol can reduce the activity of your liver function, decreasing glycogen release. And when you take a shower, the body’s glucose consumption will increase. Taking a shower after drinking, blood sugar is not timely supplied, prone to dizziness, general weakness, seriously can even cause hypoglycemia coma.

3, After meal

Taking a shower after meal, the whole body skin vascular expansion due to hot stimulation, more blood flow to the body surface, abdominal blood supply is relatively reduced, and this situation will affect digestion and absorption effect, causing hypoglycemia, or even collapse, faint result.

6 cases don't take a shower in summer

4, After high load work

Both the physical and mental high load work, all should take a rest for a moment and then take a shower, otherwise it will easily lead to heart and brain insufficient blood supply, and even fainting.

5, when you have a fever

When your body temperature rises to 38 ℃, the body heat consumption can increase 20%, at this situation your body is in frail state, so it will highly possible happen accident if you take a shower.

6, blood pressure is too low

When you are taking a shower, your vessel will vasodilate due to the hot water, so hypotension people prone to cerebral insufficiency, possible produce collapse.

6 cases don't take a shower in summer

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