6 big magic effect of often eating corn

1, Corn can delay aging:

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, corn is a sweet natured food which is good for liver, kidney, and bladder, also has dieresis and detumescence function, helps delay aging.

6 big magic effect of often eating corn

2, Prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases:

The corn is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients, trace elements and amino acid. And the unsaturated fatty acid in the corn, especially the content of linoleic acid was above 60%, it can reduce blood cholesterol levels with the vitamin E in corn germ synergistic, and prevent their deposition in the vessel wall. Therefore, corn has a certain role in the prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and hypertension.

6 big magic effect of often eating corn

3, Corn is good for eyesight:

Corn contains flavonoids which have certain effect on eyesight, so eat corn have eyesight improvement.

4, Corn can prevent cancer:

Corn containing selenium and magnesium have anti-cancer effect. When the selenium combined with vitamin E can prevent more than 10 kinds of cancer, especially the most common breast and colorectal cancer. In addition, selenium can also adjust the work of the thyroid gland, to prevent the occurrence of cataract.

On one hand, magnesium can inhibit cancer cells development, on the other hand can enhance intestinal peristalsis, improving the body discharges toxin process, which is also important for anti-cancer. The corn contains a longevity factor called glutathione, which will generate glutathione peroxidase involved selenium, which is very important on recovery of youth, delaying aging.

6 big magic effect of often eating corn

5, Corn also has beauty, slimming function:

The corn germ is rich in vitamin E which can promote cell division, to prevent skin wrinkles. The corn also has diuretic effect, also be helpful for reducing weight. The corn is very low calories, so it is the good weight loss food.

6, Regulating hormones:

Corn is rich in vitamin E which can improve the hormone secretion by the gonads, improve sexual ability, prevent miscarriage.

6 big magic effect of often eating corn

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