5 "switches" turn off hunger feeling

There is no restraint in the face of carnivorous, high oil and high sugar foods, and cannot help to take a big meal. All these “enemy” is often interrupted us to keep body shape and science diet plan. In fact, as long as the control to find a few big sense of hunger switch, and timely turn off it, you can make the stomach feel full of feeling, and manage a good body weight.

The first switch: select high fiber, low fat foods

High fiber foods, like vegetables, mushroom, fruits, coarse grains and other is to eliminate hunger master and it is known as a low calorie food. High fiber content food can enrich our intestines and stomach, let you produce a kind of “support” feeling that is a strong sense of fullness. In addition, it is important to control the appetite and avoid high fat foods. We all have this kind of feeling, golden yellow fried foods, sugary candy cake, high fat burger, barbecue, more likely to arouse the appetite, let a person unknowingly eat a lot, intake of energy than the body needs. Instead, low fat foods, such as meat, fish, shrimp, chicken and other white meat or lean red meat, contain low fat and high protein, make full abdomen sense of duration becomes longer.

5 "switches" turn off hunger feeling

Second switches: between two meals to eat some snacks

Two times a day, most people are more or less will feel hungry. One is about 10:30 in the morning, when the body’s metabolism rate is fast, the other is about 16 PM, when the body’s glucose content has been reduced. These two time points can be added to the meal, choose some healthy snacks, timely closure of the sense of hunger. The best snacks are low energy, and have a sense of fullness of the food, such as milk, yogurt, milk or nuts. In addition, you can eat a small amount of fruit dry, which contains rich fiber and minerals, can help prevent hunger, control appetite.

Third switches: changing the order of the meal

We all have this kind of life experience, eat a large moisture foods, such as drinking eight treasure porridge, eat noodles, eat a lot less oil the vegetables, eat fruit, will make the stomach feel “full”, behind the appetite naturally control down, seven full feeling will come ahead of schedule. The traditional order of eating is usually followed by fish, vegetables, staple food, soup, dessert or fruit. This order is not healthy, there is no benefit to control appetite. For gastrointestinal health people, may wish to eat refreshing fresh fruit, and drink a small bowl of soup appetizer, eat vegetable dishes, the stomach filling part. At this time, then the staple food, and finally on the fish dishes. Both to ensure adequate intake of dietary fiber, but also to avoid excessive fat, to ensure that dietary balance.

5 "switches" turn off hunger feeling

Fourth switches: slow down the speed of eating

Neurons in the brain receive full abdomen feeling signal usually takes about 20 minutes, that is to say if you have less than this time would hurry the end of the meal, brain will not remind you already full, resulting in actual energy intake exceeded. While chewing food thoroughly can prolong mealtimes stimulate satiety central nervous, feedback to the brain “I have full” signal. Therefore, we will appeared earlier satiety and stop eating. Another measure of chewing food thoroughly is the number of chewing each mouthful, generally the best guarantee each not less than 5 times, is not easy to chew food should be appropriate to increase the number of times.

Fifth switches: three meals regularly and timely

To control your weight, the most likely mistake is to omit a meal. But the fact that hunger and a full meal cannot reduce energy intake. Because people will be more inclined to high oil and high sugar food after long time hunger. Moreover, three meals a day should be kept as far as possible to maintain the law. In general, the breakfast is arranged in 6: 30~8: 30, lunch 11: 30~13: 30, dinner 18: 00~20: 00. Because people eat, the digestive system will be transferred to the secretion of digestive juice. In the long term, the brain and intestines and stomach will open the memory function, to the point of the meal began to work. If you do not eat at this time, it is easy to stimulate the stomach acid, causing gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases. And out of time, the digestive system do not know what time to go to work, switch hunger is more difficult to control.

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