5 striking benefits of often eating peanut

Peanut is known as “long life nut”, and eat the right peanuts then you can get much beneficial. The peanut is rich in many nutritious, high quality and inexpensive food, is the most favorite nuts in people daily life. The following article will give you 5 benefits of eating peanut often.

5 striking benefits of often eating peanut

1, control appetite

The peanut is “high satiety feeling” food, which can make you feel fuller for long time. Peanut high satiety is not only caused by fiber and protein content, fat food. If you eat peanuts or peanut butter on the breakfast, it can reduce the intake of the whole day.

5 striking benefits of often eating peanut

2, salt reduction

Salty snacks are usually high salt food. But the salt content in salted peanut is much less than the same weight of sliced bread, waffles. Therefore, the salty peanuts can not only meet you love to eat salty, but also not easily lead to excessive intake of salt.

3, stable blood sugar

Study found that, if people exchange a red meat diet into peanut, diabetes risk reduction of 21%. Peanut will slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. Eat some peanuts in the morning, and then your blood glucose will not be too high.

5 striking benefits of often eating peanut

4, maintain a healthy heart

People eat many peanuts will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease 35%. Researchers think that the fatty acid composition in peanut, coupled with other components, can reduce the content of low density lipoprotein, let the heart healthy.

5, reduce the risk of colon cancer

The women who eat at least two times a week of peanut will reduce 58%; the risk of colon cancer and man can reduce the risk of 27%. Scientists analyzed, this is caused by the nutrient folic acid and other anticancer in peanut.

5 striking benefits of often eating peanut

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