4 steps for the perfect sexual life

Sexual life is an art, it can be perfect only the couple timely communication and work together. Sex should be exciting point, sometimes a small change can arise the sexual spark. The following describes the aesthetic problem often neglected by many people in sexual love, which has the vital significance to the regulation of both men and women a dual effect on the physiology and the psychology.

4 steps for the perfect sexual life

The premise is good mood: clean

Physical and sexual organs clean not only have health significance, also has very important aesthetic sense. Either the husband or wife unclean contact can cause both sides unpleasant reactions, and strongly inhibited sexual life success. Especially the smell inside the man wrapping, which not only will creates a rejected psychological give in the woman mind, imperceptibly diminished sex interesting in the mood, but also easily lead to various gynecological diseases.

Taste of the source: the dress and manners

The dress and manners play important role in the sexual life of husband and wife. As a woman, you should know how to shape the sexy beauty through their own details to a proper extent, such as love eyes, makeup, clothing, posture and others, but some women, especially in the middle-aged woman, often overlooked this point.

So, the female beauty dress and manners will reflect their beauty, which can actually open her husband sexual gate. Similarly, the husband dress is also very important for his wife. So the husband should learn well modified themselves, showing graceful bearing to attract the wife. Otherwise, the long-term do not pay attention to dress and manners will make gradually losing its charm, and it will reduce the quality of sexual life.

4 steps for the perfect sexual life

Passion excited: active

Due to the influence of traditional ideas, some people believe sex life between husband and wife is to maintain the marriage and offspring, so just take it as a duty. When doing the sexual life, they never actively seek sexual pleasure. However, the female sexy area is more widely than men, and several days before and after women ovulation and menstrual, the increased estrogen levels will lead strong sexual desire.

But in the actual life, the female is often affected by psychological factors, especially by restricting the shy personality; often not dare to show initiative, which will make themselves unbecoming. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

The basis of sex: love

Scientist pointed out that psychological sexual desire and physiological sexual impulse often arise at the warim surrounding between the husband and wife. If you ignore the aesthetic problem of psychological preparation, it is difficult to inspire the comfortable sex mood. The men and women is to shape the world with love, so love is the basis of sex.

4 steps for the perfect sexual life

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