4 kinds of women are easy to be cheated

Many women always claimed that man cheated their love feelings, and most of them have already taken sexual relationship with the men. Because after sexual relations, men’s psychology and behavior will change. According to statistics, the purpose of the male sexual activities to meet physical desire taking more than 50%, for curiosity taking about 30% ~ 40%. But while women for love each other takes about 50%, and was forced to answer in disorderly fashion accounted for 25%, and in order to satisfy sexual desire or curious only accounted for 25%.

In addition, women have some mental listed below are easy to be cheated in love.

4 kinds of women are easy to be cheated

1, Love at the first sight

Some girl have great vanity and low vigilance, so they are always attracted by graceful, handsome and highly esteemed men, so fall in love at first sight, which will lead cheated.

2, Judge men by name

Some girls are often judge men by their names, only by a sign of the party or a title, which will easily believed. So this is a great gullible type.

4 kinds of women are easy to be cheated

3, The pursuit of novel stimulation

Some young women in the current open social and historical conditions, they are longing for the totally "new" way of life, which is the pursuit of fashion, pay attention to dress. This kind of women are always be the target of some hunters.

4, Defense mental insufficiency

The young girl’s defensive mentality often is not perfect. At the beginning, they can reject their boyfriend sexual requirements. But they can’t hold with boyfriend repeatedly asked and temptation, slowly lose self-control in disorderly fashion to have pre marital sex.

5, Lack of social experience

Some young women would like to meet the other sexual requirements even he is married man, because they believe his blandishments and a solemn pledge of love. When they find they are cheated, it will be just too late to regret.

4 kinds of women are easy to be cheated

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