4 kinds of unexpected intestinal protective food

When referred to the protection of the intestine, many people firstly would think of the yogurt which is rich in probiotics. In fact, although some foods do not contain probiotics, but it is beneficial to intestinal health, and the following is the food list which have unexpected intestinal protective effect.

1 garlic

Garlic is not only helpful to the growth of probiotics, but also helps to fight “unfriendly” intestinal bacteria.

2 leeks

Leeks is not only rich in dietary fiber and flavonoid, but also contains a lot of manganese. Manganese helps to produce digestive enzymes, and produces a large number of vitamin A, to help repair the intestinal wall.

4 kinds of unexpected intestinal protective food

3 carrots

Carrot is good for intestinal health, because it contains Arabia galactose, which is a kind of natural prebiotics (interest bacterial growth).

4 radix curcumae longae

The radix curcumae longae is a natural anti-inflammatory food, help intestinal repair, and promote the role of probiotics.

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