4 kinds of not fresh vegetable will 100% damage your health

Many times we’ll keep the food to next meal when it is not finished, so as not to waste. In fact, you should know that some dishes cannot be left to the next meal, otherwise it will cause cancer, and so what is the food?

1 green vegetables

Green leafy vegetables absorb from the soil and fertilizer, as well as nitrate, slowly reduced by bacteria into may enable the human carcinogenic nitrite, and nitrite was the highest in long home leftovers. In addition, the vitamin in the green leafy vegetables almost disappeared after repeated heating.

4 kinds of not fresh vegetable will 100% damage your health

2 cold dishes

Cold dish does not have a bactericidal effect, and eaten cold dish will get into bacteria, long time storage provide enough time for the growth of bacteria reproduction, resulting in the vegetables in the conversion of nitrate to nitrite. At the same time, the bacteria could thrive in cold dishes, improper storage easy to cause diarrhea and other food safety issues. In addition, a period of cold dishes, taste and color also have declined.

3 bean products

Tofu and other soy products are more rich in protein and other nutrients, which is a good medium for microbial, therefore, bean products best not left to the next meal.

4 seafood

Seafood is also one of the most food to left for next meal, because the seafood taste delicious when it is fresh, and the long time storage will make them taste loss

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