4 daily habits for man to make high quality sperm

Just like men want to survive in this world, when the millions of sperm running forwards to female eggs, there will be only the strongest, most has the vigor, the fastest lucky one can been taken by female egg. How to produce the highest quality sperm?

4 daily habits for man to make high quality sperm

1, pay attention on your pants

Not only the man who want to be a father, but also the teenagers who is in the body development stage, are necessary to pay attention on your pants. Don’t wear tight pants, and also don’t wear tight underwear. Tight trousers, synthetic materials and high temperature are all proven can affect the male reproductive ability.

Male division expert explains that why the men testes were in the scrotum out of body, the reason is to reduce the let testicular temperature lower than the body temperature, and only at this condition, the testis can be normal.

Under normal situation, the scrotal area temperature is about 33 ℃, which is 4 ℃ lower than the temperature. This temperature is most suitable for testicular growth and development, but also the good condition for sperms development. Remember, whether it is at home or in the driver’s seat, the long time sitting will make scrotal temperature increasing which will affect the emergence of sperm. If there is a need to sedentary job, it is often needed a res.

4 daily habits for man to make high quality sperm

2, say no to the sauna, hot water bath

Male division expert reminds: male testicular sperm making best temperature is at 36 ℃. If the temperature arrived above this criteria, spermatocytes generation performance could be restrained, meanwhile, the existed sperm vitality will reduced. For the men who like hot water bath, especially above 40 ℃ hot bath, the male sperm quality will reduce a lot.

Sauna, steam room and hot water hip bath will all increase male scrotum temperature, lead to testicular in a state of high temperature. When the temperature is higher than 40 ℃, the sperm vitality will greatly decrease. Especially for some weaker men, it should be careful to eliminate the number and time of hot water bath, and change to shower bath is the best choice.

4 daily habits for man to make high quality sperm

3, don’t drink a lot

Alcohol will stimulate the sperm cells which can damage sperm and embryo development. Enduring heavy drinking can cause male fertility impairment. It has been demonstrated that alcohol can make testosterone synthesis decreased, and affect the normal metabolism of testosterone, cause low reproductive gland function.

In the western countries, some people like to drink on Sunday to get drunk, and be pregnant at that night with the baby is called "Sunday baby". These babies are often very weak constitution, dysplasia, and even deformity or dementia. Therefore, men in the planning of having a baby should drink less or not drink at least for two or three months before, in order to ensure the quality of sperm.

4 daily habits for man to make high quality sperm

4, don’t take medicine in disorder

Modern medicine has developed, and the drug are widely used, but it will have some bad effects on your body in the treatment of disease at the same time. According to clinical inspection many drug efficacy have adverse effects on sperm born. The effect of level depends on several factors, such as drug dosage, time of taking medicine and so on.

4 daily habits for man to make high quality sperm

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