3 kinds of food can lead to blind

Food is not only to eat into the stomach, but they will also affect the various organs of our body. How much do you know about myopia?

The eye will become outstanding when often wear myopic lens? In fact, not only will not be able to deepen the degree of myopia, but also to correct vision, the purpose of treatment of eye disease, wearing a suitable glasses will not only damage the eye, but can prevent the eye.

While wearing a short-sighted mirror will not lead to the damage of eyes, but I believe everyone who does not want to become short-sighted. The following 3 kinds of food are harmful to the eyes, serious may also make people become blind.

3 kinds of food can lead to blind

One, sweet food can contribute to myopia

After a number of countries continue to study found that sweet food is one of the most lethal food in the eyes damage. Excessive eating sweet food will contribute to the development of myopia. This is because the sugar metabolism in the body needs a lot of vitamin B1, if excess sugar intake, the vitamin B1 will be a large number of lack.

So in order to protect the eyes, it is usually best to eat less sweet food, especially for those who have been suffering from myopia, this time should be forbidden to eat some dessert.

Two, fresh garlic is harmful to the eyes

Garlic has antibacterial bactericidal effect, and also has a certain role in the prevention of many diseases, if the right amount of intake will have a good effect for the human body. However, if long-term excessive eating garlic, especially for some people with eye diseases and often have a fever, it will have a bad effect.

Three, spicy may cause eye injury

If too much to eat some spicy food, around the eyes will feel the burning sensation and eye blood vessels will due to congestion and lead to blurred vision. If long spicy stimulation, it will advance conjunctivitis, fundus arteriosclerosis, such as dry eye and vision loss and other age-related diseases, so the North if the long-term eating spicy to damage the eyes will be more.

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