15 signs of cancer from your body need your attention

1, the change of testis

Testicular cancer is prone at ages of 20 to 39 years. America Cancer Society recommends that men should be self-examination testicular monthly, including testicular size changes, obvious swelling or shrinking, mass appeared in the scrotum, scrotal pain such as falling, and if you have any problem should be timely medical treatment. Especially felt scrotum bulge, feeling like put inside a briquette, and lasted for more than one week. Your need to visit doctor immediately under this situation. This is the most typical precursor of testicular cancer, blood tests and scrotal ultrasonography are necessary.

15 signs of cancer from your body need your attention

2, the urine problems

With the increase of age, male urination problems become more and more common, frequent urination, urgency or urine is not the net. If the situation becomes worse, especially urine have a strong sense of urgency, you should guard against prostate cancer. Usually should do a rectal examination, the doctor will tell you whether the hypertrophy of the prostate, it is the main symptom of prostate cancer.

15 signs of cancer from your body need your attention

3, abdominal distension

Many women feel abdominal distension are extremely common, need not additional treatment. However, this may be symptoms of ovarian cancer. Sustained abdominal swelling, pressure feeling and pain, gastrointestinal discomfort, difficulty eating or easily appear to have a sense of satiety for weeks, may be signs of ovarian cancer.

4, irregular bleeding

Many women will easily ignore the abnormal vaginal bleeding among menstrual cycle women. They are likely to be gynecologic cancer — a symptom of endometrial cancer. There are at least 75% of women with this sign, was diagnosed with endometrial carcinoma. The stool bleeding may be a sign of colon cancer.

15 signs of cancer from your body need your attention

5 inexplicable weight reduction

No effort can reduce weight is really happy, but if you are without increasing exercise, and no reduction of diet, weight can be baffling drops 10%, you should be timely medical treatment. Rapid weight loss, anorexia, recurrent diarrhea and constipation is the most common sign of lung cancer, gastric cancer, kidney cancer or colorectal cancer, may also be hyperthyroidism for women.

6 duration of abdominal pain with depression

If sustained abdominal pain and associated with depression, most likely with pancreatic cancer. Experts found the pancreatic cancer has great relationship with depression. Other symptoms include: jaundice or abnormal stool was gray color.

15 signs of cancer from your body need your attention

7 fatigue

Generally speaking, the feeling of fatigue is a sign of cancer have been developed, but for colon cancer and gastric cancer, leukemia, probably early onset will feel tired. What is the difference between cancer fatigue and general fatigue? USA Cancer Association experts say, general fatigue will disappear after rest, and the fatigue of cancer regardless of how to rest, would find it very hard to improve.

8 endless cough

If be rather baffling cough continuously more than 3 – 4 weeks, you should see a doctor promptly, there may be a sign of lung cancer or laryngeal carcinoma.

15 signs of cancer from your body need your attention

9 dysphagia

Suffering with long time dysphagia, this may be a sign of larynx cancer, esophagus cancer and gastric cancer, should accept the chest X-ray or gastric endoscopy treatment. How to define dysphagia? Generally get retrosternal pain when eat, esophageal foreign body sensation, some people even do not eat, will also feel the esophageal wall like having leaves, debris or grain, swallow food would be slowly, even stay in the esophagus.

10 changes in the skin

Skin appears suddenly mass or pigmentation, and change is obvious, may be signs of skin cancer. Observed after a few weeks, you should immediately seek medical treatment. In addition, both young and old people, once the skin of sudden hemorrhage or abnormal flaking, also should go to see a doctor.

15 signs of cancer from your body need your attention

11 abnormal bleeding

In addition to hemorrhoids blood in the stool, it is also likely to be bowel cancer signs, if necessary, should do colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening. The elderly over the age of 40, except for female menstrual period, such as the emergence of painless hematuria and dysuria, should be alert to bladder cancer or renal cell carcinoma. Colorectal cancer in addition to blood in the stool, if the tumor growth in close to the anus, may also occur thinning, increased frequency and other symptoms, or even cause difficulty stool.

12 oral cavity changes

Smokers should pay special attention to the oral cavity and the tongue white patches appear, this may be the precursor of oral cancer — leukoplakia.

13 indigestion

Male (especially older men) and female (excluding pregnancy) long time persistent unexplained dyspepsia, may be the signs of gastric cancer, esophageal cancer or laryngeal cancer.

15 signs of cancer from your body need your attention

14, breast lumps

Breast cancer is not the patent of women, men and women should both actively do prevention. If women find breast skin redness or lump inside, it should be great careful. Especially the breast skin rash last a few weeks, need to get hospital treatment. The non lactating women, liquid are often out of the nipple, this is not good signal. For men, if the breast skin wrinkling, papilla shrinkage or asymmetric size and shape change, breast swelling, lumps, is nipple inflammation performance, but also the symptoms of breast cancer.

15 pain

With the increase of age, physical pain will increase. If a part of the body appear inexplicable pain and lasted for more than a week, should identify the cause as soon as possible, because it could be a sign of cancer. For example, the long abdominal pain may be a symptom of colorectal cancer, chest pain may be caused by lung cancer, and bone pain may be symptoms of cancer metastasis.

15 signs of cancer from your body need your attention

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