11 misunderstanding on contraceptive measures

1, women can’t be pregnant when first sexual intercourse.

This is common understanding in young people. In fact, the first sexual intercourse can also be pregnant, so there is no safe opportunity try chance for sex.

2, women can’t be pregnant during menstruation.

Although it is very low opportunity to be pregnant during the menstrual cycle period, but some women will have ovulation together with the menstrual cramps, or the ovulation and menstrual period are very close, so there is still chance to be pregnant.

11 misunderstanding on contraceptive measures

3, if the men do masturbation until ejaculation before sexual intercourse, his sperm count can be reduced to no other pregnant degree when sexual intercourse

No. The number of sperm is still enough to cause pregnancy.

4, if women jumping up and down, she will not be pregnant.

After sex intercourse without protection, jumping up and down or any other form of physical exercise can reduce the risk of pregnant. Whether the women are standing or lying when ejaculation, sperm will reach the uterus entrance in 90 seconds.

5, women taking a hot bath before sex intercourse can reduce the risk of pregnant

There is no contraceptive effect by hot water bath.

11 misunderstanding on contraceptive measures

6, women will be pregnant during intercourse only after reach a climax.

No. In unprotected sex intercourse, women are likely to be pregnant regardless of whether reach orgasm or not.

7, women swallow semen will be pregnant

No. Swallowed sperm cannot reach the uterus.

8, if the penis is not fully inserted, it means that the man ejaculation not in the vagina, the women can’t get pregnant.

No. The sperm may enter the vagina and continue to uterus.

11 misunderstanding on contraceptive measures

9, irrigation vagina after sexual intercourse, using water, soap or cola wash to vaginal, so it can wash away the sperm to prevent pregnancy

Irrigation is not an effective contraceptive measures, but also easy to cause vaginal infection.

10, girl will not be pregnant when she has not yet started menstruating.

She may be pregnant. At puberty, girls may begin ovulation before the first period.

11, after ejaculation inside the body, if women urinate immediately, she won’t be pregnant

This is not working. Urine is excreted from the urethra above the vagina, it will not wash away the sperm.

11 misunderstanding on contraceptive measures

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