10 skills to prepare lunch for a large group of people

If you find yourself need to provide lunch for the family reunion or a large group of foreign guests, you can simply through the use of a variety of ready, easy processing of food to meet the different tastes. Don’t forget to use food as a part of the decoration to create a festive atmosphere. Here are some tips for planning a large crowd lunch.

1 lunch table

Looking for a large space for guests is one of the most difficult things. Set up tables and chairs to provide food, so that guests can gather together at the dinner table. Make sure you have enough space, near the table decoration beverage. Decoration enough colors on your table, create a festive atmosphere. Red, yellow, orange, blue and green can make people feel relaxed and comfortable. Prepare enough napkins, tableware. Put the glass near the beverage service area, to avoid unnecessary walking. Special guests buy condiment containers without waiting time.

10 skills to prepare lunch for a large group of people

2 loaves of bread and cakes

Different from those of the older generation’s grandmother, the hostess does not need to make many bread and cakes a few days ahead of the big family dinner. There are a variety of bread in the supermarket, bread, pastries and cakes available and suitable for different occasions. Like a mixture of corn bread and more delicate crusty roll pastry. Add a variety of cakes, but choose a type of light, low calorie.

3 protein

You can find some meat, only heating cooked, sliced before serving. Using the precooked Bacon, sausage or turkey to provide a portion for your lunch menu. Have a big bag cooked shrimp cocktail sauce in many supermarkets. When the dinner spiral sliced ham useful, mixed fried egg can be used as a part of before a dinner for food. Or with ham and bread for sandwiches. With tomato, lettuce and condiments. At the same time encourage your guests active, have fun. You can also find a precooked egg to become the devil eggs used for recreation.

4 fruit

You can take many methods to provide fruit for your lunch menu, including a large plate of apples, oranges, bananas and grapes, so your guests can choose to relax and enjoy. Fruit will be cut into small pieces, mixed together Fresh Fruit Salad is another simple and attractive way. The orange slices, add grapefruit, pineapple, bananas, strawberries and blueberries, completed a pleasant and delicious fruit platter. Can use transparent plastic bowls or cups placed, mixed color and texture provides a visual sense of beauty.

5 vegetables

Although there is often a lack of vegetables for lunch, but now a lot of people in their diet have chosen more vegetables and less meat. Open the bags of mixed vegetables, add grape tomatoes and onions, and optional seasoning vegetables combination form. Lettuce, the slices of raw vegetables such as carrot, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, and these vegetables can simply for dieters and vegetarian provide good lunch.

10 skills to prepare lunch for a large group of people

6 drinks

Coffee and tea are the most lunch party required, but also includes a variety of fruit juice. Soda making fruit sparkling wine, then guests can enjoy the fruits of sparkling wine in a more festive atmosphere. This is especially useful if your lunch is “alcohol free”.

7 handmade food

Although you can buy almost anything in the supermarket, but the guests always appreciate your homemade food. Consider some breakfast or a delicious fried crispy fruit pie. You don’t need to spend a long time to prepare. Looking for a simple formula helps increase one or two times of delicious. Of course to prepare in advance, do warm-up before eating in the guest. Then, enjoy the guests praise.

8 dishes with dinner

With the material of homely food is one of a large gathering of the best and most simple way. In recent years is more and more popular, most people think this is a very economical and convenient. So if you are on a tight budget or you don’t have the time to do a lot of food, why not bring their own materials do meal? Invite your guests bring a drink or a dish, but must ensure that advance notice.

9 relax

Don’t forget, lunch is to relax you and the person you love and you know people with a good opportunity to chat to enjoy time. Don’t cook and prepare the lunch menu to make their own burden, otherwise you may be tired and sleepy. For your guests, sit down, relax and enjoy your dinner.

10 wake up early

Maybe you are not a morning person, I understand, but if you decide to hold a luncheon, the day you have to wake up earlier. If you don’t want to buy in the supermarket, you can prepare some dishes, including cakes. Even if you are going to hold a party for lunch, you have to get up early to prepare for the arrival of the guests.

Hold a luncheon is the most enjoyable activities. You don’t need to do a lot, spend a lot of money. This is all the fun, it provides an excellent opportunity for the people you love, and have a good time. How often do you have a lunch? Do you have any useful tips to share with us?

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