10 popular misunderstanding of calcium supplements

A lot of people may know that they are lack of the calcium deficiency, and also a lot of people often take calcium supplements. However, in the daily diet, how to promote calcium absorption, which may not know by everyone. A little careless, it is possible to fall into the wrong direction, such as the choice of the wrong food, the result of the reduction of absorption of calcium. The pop healthy living network will introduce the common misunderstanding calcium supplement.

10 popular misunderstanding of calcium supplements

1 think that eating beef is beneficial to bone develop

Many people believe that the United States and Europe people with strong bones is because of eating beef. In fact, many people eat a lot of beef, who are the one with very serious lack of calcium. This is because the beef itself is very low calcium as well as all the other meat. At the same time, meat contains a large number acid elements, mainly phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine. They allow the blood to become acidic, the body has to use calcium ions in food and bones to neutralize the acidic elements, and thus increase the loss of calcium in the body, reduce the absorption of calcium. Therefore, calcium deficiency in the elderly should properly control the meat intake, either red or white.

2 think that eating vegetables is not related to bone health

Many people like eating meat, but pay little attention to supplement the vegetables. They think that there are only some dietary fiber and vitamins, not related to bone health. In fact, vegetables not only contain a large amount of potassium, magnesium, which can help to maintain acid-base balance, to reduce the loss of calcium, it also contains a lot of calcium. Green leafy vegetables are mostly calcium secondary sources, such as rape, Chinese cabbage, kale, celery and other are calcium vegetables cannot be ignored. In recent years, the study confirmed that green leafy vegetables in the vitamin K is osteocalcin formed elements, and osteocalcin of calcium deposition in bone is required.

3 the spinach has no any benefits of calcium supplementation

Many people know that spinach cannot be eaten together with tofu, because it contains a lot of oxalic acid, the calcium and the synthesis of insoluble precipitation. However, these people don’t see the other aspect, spinach also contains a large number of promoting calcium absorption factor, including the rich in potassium and magnesium, and vitamin K. The spinach is a treasure trove of recognized vitamin K content in a variety of fresh food ranked first. Vitamin K are not afraid of hot, and carrot and just need to help absorb fats, so eat salad spinach must put some sesame oil.

10 popular misunderstanding of calcium supplements

4 think eating fruit on behalf of the meal is conducive to bone health

A lot of weight loss women think that as long as intake enough fruit can get enough protein and vitamins, often with the fruit instead of a meal. In fact, fruit is a kind of acid and alkali balance of food, but not a good source of calcium, but also a serious lack of protein. The formation of bone requires a lot of calcium, also need collagen as calcium deposition skeleton. If you use the fruit instead of three meals, the protein and calcium intake are seriously inadequate, only to promote the occurrence of osteoporosis.

5 the drink has nothing to do with calcium supplements

In order to improve the taste, most of the drinks contain phosphate, and the phosphate will seriously hinder the absorption of calcium, promote the loss of calcium. Cola is one of the most harmful drink, because it contains phosphoric acid. Put people’s teeth and bones in cola, they will slowly dissolve. So, those who need calcium, they should strictly control the number of sweet drinks. Tea contains rich in potassium ions and the low phosphorus content, and promote the bones and teeth strong elemental fluorine, and tea is beneficial and harmless on bone health.

6 believe drink bones soup will no longer be lack of calcium

The calcium inside bones will not easily dissolve out. Experiments have proved that after cooking two hours in the high pressure cooker, the fat have surfaced inside the bone marrow, but the calcium is still minimal.

7 believe drink milk cannot help calcium supplement

Although it is claimed that milk contains a lot of protein, which will make the body acid and promote the loss of calcium, but this is not 100% true. Actually, protein content in milk is only 3%, water content is up to 87%. Every 250 grams of milk contains more than 250 mg of calcium, rich in potassium and magnesium, and also contains vitamin D, lactose and essential amino acids which can promote calcium absorption. Milk is different from the meat, which is not totally acidic foods, but weak alkaline foods. So, milk does not make the body fluid partial acid, and it will not promote the loss of calcium. Comprehensive evaluation of milk is still the best supplement food.

8 believe that soy milk is a high calcium food

Nutrition experts often recommend that people who cannot drink milk can drink soy milk as an alternative. Indeed, in many ways, soy milk is a very good food, but from the content of calcium, it is far less than milk. This is because the calcium content of soybean although not too low, but after adding 10 cups of water into Soybean Milk, the content is very low. Drink a cup of soy milk, it is to eat dozens of beans only, which is very little calcium. The real benefits of soy milk to the bone is that it can provide a plant estrogen, which can reduce the loss of calcium in menopausal women.

9 believe that kelp can supply calcium

Many media articles have told you that there is a lot of calcium in kelp – but only dry kelp. But dry kelp who can eat a lot of it once the absorption of water, calcium content is not too much. Calcium and kelp seaweed glue, such as soluble dietary fiber will hinder calcium absorption, because they can be and calcium forms stable complexes. But kelp is not without any benefit, it is a typical into alkaline food, regular consumption can reduce the loss of calcium in the body.

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