10 most bizarre chocolate throughout the world

I think many people like eating chocolate, including men, women, old people and children. And there are also many different types of chocolate in the super market. But I am you may never know the following related chocolate. So if you are interesting some special types, please continue to read the whole article, and then you will feel amazing.

10 most bizarre chocolate throughout the world

1, South Korean “pickled cabbage chocolate”

The South Korean Lotte Group produced by milk chocolate together with pickled cabbage has already become a sign of Korea Tourism food. You can buy this kind chocolate at Lotte Group store.

2, Dubai’s “camel milk chocolate”

Al Nassma is the world’s first and unique company who product the camel milk chocolate. Compared with the cow mild, the camel milk has only half fat but with three time vitamin C, so it is named “liquid gold” by the Middle Eastern people. Furthermore, the camel mild is very scarce, only 10% of the cow milk.

At present, in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Japan’s stores have sales, and you can also purchase from the Internet online store.

10 most bizarre chocolate throughout the world

3, Losangeles “cucumber vodka flavors of chocolate”

This chocolate is created by a Losangeles couple. They use the traditional French chocolate method, but they also use some exotic raw materials, thus making out a unique taste of chocolate.

They add a layer of dark chocolate on the white chocolate which is made with cucumber juice, vodka and mint, which tastes a hemp silk feeling.

4, Tokyo’s “plum wine chocolate”

“Marie chocolate” production company make this chocolate is mainly using plum wine raw material in Tokyo.

5, New York’s “Absinth chocolate”

Because of Absinth hallucinogenic effect, this chocolate make with Absinth was an underground test product.

10 most bizarre chocolate throughout the world

6, Japan’s “Gouda cheese chocolate”

As part of a marketing strategy, Nescafe Company launched the limited edition Kit Kat in Japan in 2007.

And then develop more than 200 kinds different tastes chocolate, which are all become the favorite food for the tourists and local people. Among them, the most popular Kit Kat chocolate is the sauce flavor. And the most unusual type is the European cheese chocolate, which contains 58% Gouda cheese, together with a smoked and salted sour taste.

7, USA Wisconsin “mushrooms chocolate”

This raw material of this chocolate is dried mushrooms, Peru black chocolate and containing 70% fruit Columbia chocolate.

10 most bizarre chocolate throughout the world

8, Barcelona’s “popping candy chocolate”

This raw materials of this chocolate contains hazelnut sugar, Maldon salt and popping candy which is wrapped in coconut oil. Eating in your mouth, the popping candy will be active in your mouth.

9, Austria’s “peanut and tomato sauce chocolate”

This chocolate contains peanut nougat, GRAPPA, birds eye chillies and raisins embellishment in dark chocolate.

10, Belgian “Havana tobacco chocolate”

This chocolate is using the cigar leaf which is soaked in rum and brandy in the production process. People will have a spicy just smoked a cigar sense in throat when eat this kind of chocolate. They are currently sold in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

10 most bizarre chocolate throughout the world

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