10 days away obesity by vegetable and fruit diet

A reduction in calorie intake to lose weight is the eternal truth, and compared with other main food, fruits and vegetables contains less calorie, so many people take the fruit and vegetable as staple food to lose weight. Unfortunately, not all people have achieved the initial purpose, and some people even get harm result. All the investigates find that the wrong plan make the bad result. The right way of fruit and vegetable diet should be implemented into three stages.

10 days away obesity by vegetable and fruit diet

The first stage: fruits and vegetables play a leading role

The first stage takes about 3 to 4 days, and the purpose is to slowly clean up your body back to the original status, eat some appropriate quantity and easy to digest food.

Rules one: three meals a day

Some people wonder that eat three meals a day, and then how can I lose weight? In fact, the amount of meals arrangements is a knowledgable question. You can take a little more in breakfast and lunch, dinner to eat less as far as possible, or to eat fruit for instead, preventing indigestible food accumulation in the abdomen. In addition, the daily protein intake is also essential, so fat free yogurt and skimmed milk will be good choice.

10 days away obesity by vegetable and fruit diet

Rules two: fruits and vegetables play a leading role

Eat some vegetables like broccoli, beans with rich fiber, which can help the body discharge toxin. Eat lots of fruit on one hand is to help digestion, on the other hand is take the space of the belly, preventing starving feeling which will make your weight loss program hard to go on.

10 days away obesity by vegetable and fruit diet

The second stage: can eat starch food

The second stage also takes 3 to 4 days, which we still have to avoid foods with high fat content, but don’t refuse the low-fat protein, because it is required nutrition when we diet.

After 3 to 4 days after bowel cleaning, besides fruits and vegetables, we can begin to eat some starchy foods.

After about 8 days of the first and second stage, you’ll find out you naturally go back to the time before the holiday overeating weight happen. This should tanks to the high fiber, low fat food.

10 days away obesity by vegetable and fruit diet

The third stage: Fruit alone

The final stage is the longest, need about 8 days. The main purpose is to recover your body strength during this period. In this period, the function of the fruit is very important.

The oranges, grapefruit, apples, grapes and tomatoes are your good choice. But if you plan to lose weight by drinking fruit juice, it will be totally wrong direction as a glass of fruit juice heat approximately equal to eat three pieces of fruit. Like 100 grams Orange Juice has 65 calories, grapefruit juice has 60 calories, Apple Juice containing 70 calories, grape juice is higher up to 90 calories. So the nutritionist recommends with Tomato Juice, as a cup of Tomato Juice only about 30 calories.

10 days away obesity by vegetable and fruit diet

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